The opposite of procrastination
is automation.

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We are here to stay

When it’s time for your bottom line to benefit from the latest in technology and innovation, you need a company that’s more than hired help. Blue Ridge Automation Inc. is your partner in the process, from start to finish.

Blue Ridge provides quality process systems and automation engineering.  Our solutions are accurate, reliable, flexible and scalable.  We take pride in being responsive and attentive to our customer’s needs.

We are transforming manufacturing in America’s heartland.


  • Successful migration of stand-alone HMI applications to a distributed SCADA architecture.
  • Added new automated CIP circuits to existing CIP plants cleaning a variety of batch processing equipment.
  • Multiple PLC5 conversions to the latest ControlLogix platform.
  • Process automation of new juice pasteurizer.
  • Automation of a continuous beverage mixer with multiple ingredient streams.
  • Automation of bulk sugar delivery system to process dissolver.

Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.

– Arthur C. Clark



We aim for 100% satisfaction, the 1st time and every time.


Our innovation comes from our willingness to learn and our courage to make an impact.


In the interest of building trust, we are responsible for maintaining the highest integrity.


We hold each other accountable through effective communication with mutual respect.


The quality of our work is a direct reflection of our values.

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